Committee Role Outlines


Tian Du

The President is the smiling face of the club with new and old members looking to them for reassurance and guidance. To fill in the position of president, the candidate must demonstrate strong leadership ability and organisation skills. To provide direction to the club they must possess a keen ability to organise the club within the boundaries of the constitution, while also accommodating relationships between the members, the committee, coaches, clubs within other universities and with the administration of Melbourne University. To be successful a president must welcome the growth of the club with a smiling face.

  • General oversight of the club (macro-view)
  • Ability to set club directions for the year and for the future
  • Needs to act as the primary link in dealing with other Universities
  • Key negotiator in creating and holding inter-uni events
  • Strong leadership abilities

Vice President

Isabella Luk

When the President cannot manage the entire club the Vice-President steps in to help oversee the club. The Vice-President acts as the main contact with Melbourne University, as well as taking on duties such as helping during training and responding to general enquiries. The Vice-President works with the President and other committee members to help set the direction and goals of the year. The Vice-President also acts as the primary contact between committees of other University Taekwondo Clubs, especially with managing large inter-uni events (e.g inter-uni training, competitions and committee events).

  • Micro-view and management of the club
  • Helps to organise weekly session
  • Guiding hand to ensure events run smoothly
  • Acts as primary link in dealing with other University
  • Acts as primary link to MUS administration



Jace Ala

While the President and Vice-President are the main faces of the club, the Secretary works behind the scenes to ensure that the club can continue running smoothly through the primary duty of paperwork. Submitting the necessary legal paperwork and documents required by Melbourne University Sports is vital in continuing the existence of the club. At the start of the year the secretary works in collaboration with the President and Vice-President to set club directions and goals. The candidate should also possess heightened organisational skills to stay on top of the avalanche of paperwork and administration that falls on the club.

  • Micro-view and management of the club
  • Administration work (i.e legal paperwork, printing, proposal writing)
  • Court bookings for weekly sessions
  • Helps ensure events are run through proper processes
  • Acts as primary link to MUS administration



Steven Yuan

No successful club can run without the efficient management of funds and club resources. The treasurer is charged with managing the money within the club. A candidate with a strong commerce or business-minded background is required for this role to ensure that membership money is used to benefit the club and its members. The club is dependent on the treasurer maintaining a stable financial position, giving them the ability to make choices on approving//rejecting purchases. These purchases include: membership payment, uniforms, salaries, grants and equipment.

  • Managing club accounts
  • Future financial planning
  • Approving and rejecting all purchases within the club
  • Judges feasibility for different financial situations in the club
  • Making choices on all financial decisions


HR (Human Resources)

Lorah Park

When the President is busy, the first point of contact for new members should be the Human Resources manager who is tasked with looking after the general wellbeing of both students and external members of the club. HR is vital in creating a thriving club by ensuring member satisfaction and continual attendance through regularly contacting and maintaining conversation with members. To be successful, the candidate should have strong social skills to help integrate both new and old members, while ensuring that training sessions can satisfy students of all levels.

  • Maintain contact and communication with club members
  • Conduct surveys and question whether training sessions are adequate
  • Organise social white belt and beginner lessons
  • To help integrate and welcome new members
  • Health services and recommendations for club members



Jeremy Le (not really)

To continuously grow the club and attract new members the IT manager has been tasked with growing our online presence, through creating an easily accessible website and regularly maintaining and updating information. A secure knowledge of IT is recommended for this position as our club moves towards increasing our online capabilities and allowing both old and new members to easily find information. As well as maintaining the framework of our website, payment methods for membership and camps will also be created online to streamline the payment methods.

  • Website maintenance (i.e basic coding, creation of online order forms)
  • Online payment portals
  • Google drive maintenance
  • Managing and overseeing online presence and activities



Zara Liang

The iconic shirts and jackets worn during training and competitive events to show the unity of the club is only made possible by the marketing team. The marketing director is mainly responsible for the design and manufacturing of goods for the club. These goods include: dobok uniforms, custom-made training t-shirts/spray jackets and for the marketing banners and pamphlets used during O-week. Being fluent or able to converse in Chinese is beneficial for this role as it requires communication with Chinese companies when ordering products from overseas. As the marketing director supervises anything related to club promotion the candidate would ideally be a highly motivated, outgoing and versatile person.

  • Shirts and jackets
  • Banners (physical banners and online images)
  • O-week brochures
  • Ideally be fluent and able to write in Chinese


Social Media Manager

Grace Mui

With social media becoming a giant part of society, the club must keep up with the growing demand for quick accessible information and entertaining photos/stories through the development of social media accounts. The Social Media Manager is charged with growing the social media presence of the club and reaching out to a wider audience. The club currently has a website, Instagram and Facebook account which are mainly kept up to date by the Social Media Manager. These accounts are vital in providing information and keeping old and new members up to date about club activities and events. This position works closely with marketing to help expand the network of the club and reach a broader audience.

  • Maintaining and updating website, Instagram and Facebook group/page
  • Helping to increase online presence
  • Replying to enquiries from the public in an efficient manner
  • Taking and uploading photos from club activities and events


Public Relations Manager

William Banh

For a club to maintain continual growth it needs to create relationships with stakeholders both inside and outside the University. The main objective of the Public Relations Managers is to expand and develop these relationships between the club and other potential stakeholders and companies (Including both within the University and external companies). The candidate is tasked with contacting and negotiating deals with potential stakeholders to apply for club funding, gaining sponsorships and organising charity events for the club. To be successful in this role the candidate needs to have excellent interpersonal skills in communicating with external companies and businesses.

  • Find and apply for sponsorship opportunities
  • Organise fundraising events
  • Deal with external stakeholders
  • Help run events to generate funds for the club


Team Managers

Jess Ngan
Kenny Ryu

A successful club has its competitors focused on training and developing their skills without needing to worry over administration details. The Team Manager helps ensure this occurs by organising competitive team members. To be able to successful fulfil this position the candidate should have an adequate rank to help train competitors and help run intensive sessions on the weekends for more competitive club members. Our main competitions include: Australian University Games (AUG), Victorian Inter-University Competition (VIUC) as well as state and national events. The Team Managers helps inspire and run a competitive team which will in turn help improve the club.

  • Competition administration/registration
  • Organisation of University Games and other competition
  • Help run competitive training
  • Must have experience in competition (ideally a Black belt)


Event Manager

Claudia Shao

As well as being a competitive club there is a strong social component to the club with the Events Manager co-ordinating and running activities outside of training sessions. From weekly dinners after training, BBQ picnics, Camp itinerary, Committee gatherings and karaoke events (just to name a few) this role essentially organises all social entertainment affairs for the club members to enjoy. These events are vital in allowing members to relax in a friendly environment where they can social with other members. Extensive co-operation with the Social Media Manager will be necessary when advertising and announcing social events.

  • Manages all social events (must give 2 weeks’ notice)
  • Helps plan social events with input from other members
  • Organises Friday night dinners
  • Helps advertise events with Social Media Managers