Committee Role Outlines

President – Geremy Cao

The president is in charge with providing leadership and direction for the committee and the club. Using all the power available to him/her within the boundaries of the constitution, the president must oversee key relationships between members, committees, coaches and outer club relations with other universities, administration and other persons. A strong leadership trait and organisational skill is a must.

  • General oversight of club (Macro-view)
  • Sets direction for year and future
  • Primary link in dealing with other unis and making inter-uni events
  • Primary link to MUS administration
  • Strong leadership qualities are ideal
Vice-president – Jessica Zhuang

The Vice-president is in charge of overseeing the club as a whole, whether it be during training or via communicating and responding to general inquiries. The outline for the year’s proceedings is to be organised along with the president at the beginning of the year. This is the primary contact for liaison between the committees of other university taekwondo clubs, especially with regard to managing large scale inter-university events (e.g. inter-uni training, committee entertainment, competitions). Melbourne University administration affairs are also managed in part by the vice-president.

  • Micro view of the club
  • In charge of weekly runnings
  • Makes sure events run smoothly
  • Primary link in dealing with other unis
  • Primary link to MUS administration


Secretary – Blossam Pang

A secretary is like the engine of a train, the club simply will stall without anyone doing all the nitty-gritty work. Paperwork will fall principally to the secretary. Due to the nature of our club, the secretary will need to understand all the necessary legal paperwork that needs to be maintained every year, as well as submitting all necessary paperwork required by our sports administration. Organisational skills in this position is a must.

  • Admin work (can include the following: our club is doing all the necessary legal paperwork, any proposal writing goes through here, printing)
  • Court Bookings
  • Primary link to MUS administration
  • The engine that is keeping this club going


Treasurer – Ricardo Garcia

The treasurer manages the $$$ within the club. A strong commerce or business minded background is absolutely required to ensure that our member’s money is used with respect and responsibility. The trajectory of the club’s future financial position is dependent on the treasurer, who must have the capability to approve/disapprove purchases. This includes, but is not limited to: membership payment, uniform, salaries, grants and equipment.

  • Accounts
  • Future financial planning
  • Will be doing all the purchases
  • Conducts feasibility for different circumstances


IT Director – Danielle Choong

MUTKD has significantly increased our online capabilities this year, so a new position has been created to help ensure a smooth transition is made for the present and the future. Responsibilities will include maintaining the framework of our website (basic coding), payment methods and administrative capabilities (google drive/forms). This description will be changing with the times, so watch this space for any updates!

  • Website (basic coding, making online order forms)
  • Online payment
  • Google drive
  • More things will be moving online, so positional role will be changing overtime


17837382_1485709151440843_1887823242_o Marketing Manager

The marketing director is accountable for the design and manufacture of the goods of the club. This involves: dobok uniform, custom-made T-shirts and spray jackets, marketing banners for display during O-week, and the distribution of pamphlets. It is beneficial for this committee member to be literate in Chinese in order to liaise with the Chinese market when ordering overseas. Anything related to club promotion is under the authority of the marketing manager. Ideally someone self-motivated, outgoing and versatile would be suited for this role.

  • Shirts and jackets
  • Banners (physical and the facebook event kind)
  • O-week brochures
  • Ideally can read and write Chinese to order marketing materials from China


Social Media Manager – Benedict Tan

The main goal for this role is to grow our social media presence. We currently have a website, instagram and facebook group which need to be maintained and loved. Many of our old and new members love to hear what the club is up to, and responsibility ultimately is placed on the social media manager’s shoulders to provide them with information. This role will be working closely with marketing to help expand our network.

  • Taking care of our website, instagram, facebook group/page
  • Making plans to increase our online footprint
  • Replying to questions from the public in a succinct manner
  • Take and upload photos of all significant events


Public Relations – Dominic Ilagan

The chief objective of the public relations manager is to maintain the reputation of the club – i.e. build relationships within and beyond the margins of university, in addition to negotiating between stakeholders. He/she is tasked with applications for club funding, gaining sponsorships and organising charity events. Interpersonal relationships are thus crucial to bring out the potential of this role.

  • Sponsorships
  • Fundraising
  • Deals with outside people


Team Manager – Silven Peng

Competitors should be spending time on training and not admin work, and that is where the team manager comes in! Being in charge of our competitive team means they should also have an adequate enough rank to train our competitors. Our intensive sessions on the weekend will also be part of their domain. Our main competitions for the year are Australian University Games (AUG), Victorian Inter-university Competition (VIUC) and state/national events. A well-maintained competitive team inspires other members in the club to improve too.

  • Competition admin/registration
  • Uni games and other such competition admin
  • Competitive training
  • Must have had experience in competition, ideally black belt but not necessary


Events Manager – Daniel Wang

The events manager coordinates the activities and proceedings that will be undertaken throughout the year. From weekly dinners to bbq picnics, camp itinerary, committee gatherings and karaoke, this role essentially entails all social entertainment affairs for the club members to enjoy as a reprieve from intense trainings. Extensive cooperation with the social media manager will be necessary when uploading events onto networking platforms such as facebook.

  • Manages all the events for the year
  • Plan for events with help from everyone
  • Every event should have more than 2 voices of input
  • Must give a 2 week notice before each event
  • Plans Friday night dinner