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2017 AGM

MUTKD held an annual general meeting (AGM) for 2017 on the 6th of October, 2017. Executive committee members reported club’s performance, finance, membership and announced plans for next year.

A huge welcome to our 2018 committee members,
President: Geremy Cao
Vice President: Jessica Zhuang
Treasurer: Vivian Tao
Secretary: Daniel Wang
HR: Tian Du
IT: Ricardo Garcia
Marketing: Hannah Li and Yong Ning
Social Media Manager: Lauren Partos and Tin Ho
Public Relations Mananger: Isabella Luk and Jennifer Ye
Events Manager: Christopher Nguyen
Team Manager: Silven Peng

Thank you for attending our AGM and hope you enjoyed the pizza and drinks 

Photo credits to Tam Truong
Edited by Blossom Nang

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2017 Reflection #3

Reflection #3

Now that we are more than halfway through semester 2, the exciting activities from the beginning of the year may have faded to a fond, distant memory. But let us take a moment to simply reflect on one of the significant annual events – Camp at Sokil for the fifth year in the running!

Committee members have wracked their minds to devise innovating games such as the team spirit-building (or annihilating) balloon stomp, the competitive Easter egg hunt, and not to forget beautiful Bob the Pinata, who unfortunately met a rather bitter end with much love and sweetness. Of course old traditions must still be upheld, where playing old school board games, watching movies, stargazing, partying/drinking/dancing through the night played a major role in the entertainment aspect.

Thanks to Tuan sabomnim, training was up to standard, involving freezing early morning jogs, resistance band kicking and self defence classes.
Away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne (where some were suffering withdrawal symptoms from the literal lack of connection), friendships were formed and bonds strengthened in this little campsite. With 2018 just ahead, it’s now time to get pumped for yet another dose of outback TKD!

Jessica Zhuang (Vice-president)

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2017 Reflection #2

Reflection #2

Annual Victorian Inter University Championship (VIUC) was successfully held on the 29th of July, 2017 at Nona Lee Sports at Melbourne university. The event, co-organised by Melbourne and Monash universities, had a great turnout with over 100 competitors from Latrobe Uni, Melbourne Uni, Monash Uni, RMIT Uni, Swinburne Uni and Victoria Uni. The friendly competition was aimed to provide an opportunity for members to apply the skills they have learned, realise their strengths and weaknesses and help them prepare for the upcoming Australian University Games on 24th September.

We hope that you had a great learning experience, made new friends and enjoyed the atmosphere, even if you woke up with numerous bruises and pain the next day. You all rock! We would also like to extend our warm gratitude to volunteers from all the universities for helping us run the event successfully.

Blossom Nang (Secretary)

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2017 Reflection #1

As the year winds down, we thought a recap of the hectic year would be a nice way to finish things off. Every week up until our AGM, the committee will be reflecting on some of the highlights of the year.

Reflection #1 (Geremy Cao, President)

First off, a very special mention to Christine Li. Our much loved former president was awarded the ‚ÄúClubs Personality of the Year‚ÄĚ for the year 2016. When looking at the criteria for the award, I immediately thought she should be recognised for the way she handled and ran the club. See below for what I wrote for her on the nomination form. We love you very much Christine¬†, thank you for your hard work!!

Why is this Personality deserving of this award? (Max 150 words)

Christine Li is a very caring and compassionate human being, leading to her nickname of ‚ÄėMother Hen‚Äô within the club. Her human-centric approach, ability to lead and mentality of doing her very best are some of her many admirable traits. Her traits have translated well into being the president of Melbourne University Taekwondo Club (MUTKD) in 2016 and we believe her service to the club goes beyond what is expected from a 20 year old student, as evidenced by the major duties listed above. Her forward thinking has set the club and its members up for success for the coming years. Subsequently, Christine‚Äôs tenure as president has been unanimously lauded by members as not only a success, but as one of the most successful periods for the club.

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2016 AGM

Our 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on 14th September after our usual Friday training. Aside from speeches from our president, treasurer, team manager and marketing team which allowed the club to reflect upon the events of the past year, the AGM was also where the 2017 committee was announced. Congratulations to Ricardo García Rosas, Jessica Zhuang, Nang Shang Kham Pang (Blossom), Daniel Wang, Benedict Tan, Danielle Man Lin, Silven Peng and Dominic Ilagan for forming the 2017 committee, lead by the new president Geremy Cao. I am sure that everyone will do an amazing job and the club will only be able to grow even more in the next year.

At the same time, it was time to farewell the 2016 committee. Thank you to everyone for your hard work this year!


2016 MUTKD committee
(from left to right) Doménica Luisa Moreno Maldonado [team manager], Dayton Lee [secretary], Christine Li [president], Jenny Zheng [publicity], Geremy Cao [vice president], Ricardo García Rosas [treasurer], Daniel Hsu [whipped potato], Grace Ho [marketing]
(Not pictured) Hai Tran [marketing]

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Unigames – Perth

On the 24th and 25th of September, 14 members of the MUTKD club flew over to Perth in WA in order to compete in the 2016 Australian University Games. We had 7 competitors in poomsae and 11 competitors in sparring, and overall won 4 golds, 4 silvers, 2 bronzes and 1 green and gold medal, placing us at 6th place overall – an amazing achievement! Congratulations to all of our competitors who have been training very hard in preparation for this competition! Here are some photos of the competitors in their lovely embroidered University of Melbourne uniforms!

Afterwards, everyone had some time to relax and spend some time on the beach in Perth. Looking forward to next year and lets aim for a bigger team and even better results!

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Taekwondo Ball

On Friday 19th August, members of MUTKD, along with others from other university Taekwondo clubs all over Victoria swapped their usual doboks for fancy dresses and suits, as we all gathered together for a fun and relaxing night at the Interuni Taekwondo Ball. This was a joint effort between the Monash, Melbourne, Latrobe, RMIT, VU and Swinburne committees and it was great to see everybody dressed up and having a blast on the dance floor. This year we had a Secret Garden Masquerade theme and it was great seeing what sorts of masks everyone came up with.

This was the first time we have held an interuniversity taekwondo ball and it was certainly a great success! Hope that we can keep this event ongoing for future years!

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Welcome back & VIUC

It is already Week 4 of Semester and it has really been a hectic couple of weeks for us!

During mid-year O-week, we held a stall so thank you to everyone who came along and showed an interest in our club!


Over the next couple of weeks, the club had a couple of social events in order to welcome the new members including a Welcome BBQ and a Midnight to Dawn laser tag event (a chance to get back at everyone who kicked you during training? He he he ^__^)

Last weekend, Monash Univeristy hosted the Victorian Inter-Uni Championships where 7 members from MUTKD participated. Overall we got 1 gold, 2 silvers and 3 bronze medals, so congratulations to everyone who participated. We still have Australian Uni Games coming up so everyone, keep training hard!!


A huge thanks to everyone who has come to give Taekwondo a try over the past couple of weeks (we have had a fantastic turnout) and welcome to all the new members who have joined!

For those who are interested in the club but have not joined, this Sunday MUTKD will be at Unimelb Open Day where we will be putting up a demo at 1.30pm and 2.30pm so do keep an eye out for us! Our club has many social events including weekly dinners as well as other cool things (In fact, we have an Inter-Uni Ball coming up tomorrow!) so rock up to any of our training times¬†to see what its all about if you haven’t¬†done so already!

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Semester 1 Reflection

So Semester 1 has now ended and hopefully everyone has survived exams and is having a relaxing and possibly productive winter break. It seems like a good time to reflect upon everything that has happened over this semester which has really flown by in a flash.

The first thing the MUTKD team had to do was to promote our stall at O-week which was all the way before semester began. Thank you to everyone who came by our stall and asked about our club. For those who missed out on the O-week before Semester 1, feel free to send any questions and inquiries about the club to the MUTKD e-mail or to the Facebook page (links can be found in the ‘Contact us’ section)


Aside from O-Week, MUTKD were also present at Clubs Day as well as at the Big Play Day where we held a Demo. The MUTKD team demonstrated a variety of Taekwondo applications including self-defence as well as breaking boards. Although it was 30 degrees on the day, the team performed exceptionally.

Next we held our first social event which was a welcome Rock Climbing event. With new and old friends, we put our trust to the test and had a fun session climbing on a Sunday afternoon.


The next Major event we held was camp which was held during the Mid-Semester break. We had a 3 day 4 night camp which was filled with training, team activities and free time to bond over board games, play some soccer, or catch up on some rest. Everyone definitely had a blast at camp and made many unforgettable memories.

In week 5, midway through the semester, an inter-uni Taekwondo training was held at Melbourne Uni, where other uni TKD clubs were invited to join our training. Special thanks to Monash, Swinburne, La Trobe, RMIT and VU for coming to train with us!

In Week 9, the Social/Marketing team organized a Captain America Movie night to go watch Civil War, which was a lot of fun for everyone. In Week 10, we held our first Grading of the year. Congratulations to everyone who Graded and hopefully you will all wear your new belts with pride!


Finally in the final week of semester, some members of MUTKD tagged along to the Monash Open Invite Training which was definitely something different from usual.

That wraps up everything that has happened this semester. Semester 1 was definitely a packed Semester with many social events as well as training events (on top of the usual weekly training and post training dinners).

Semester 2 will most certainly be packed with even more events. In August, there is a¬†joint inter-uni Taekwondo Ball to look forward to and in September there is¬†¬†AUG (Australian Uni Games) in Perth. There’s also rumours of a¬†Midnight to Dawn lazer tag sometime…among other events. So much to look forward to!

For those who have not yet joined the club, MUTKD offers two free trial lessons for newcomers so feel free to rock up to any of our trainings and talk to our committee if you have any queries! Training continues all throughout the winter break on Wednesday and Friday. Click on FAQs and the Training Information and Membership links on the top of the page to find out more! See you all at training!