About Us

Hello there! 

Taekwondo, “the way of the foot and fist”, is South Korea’s national sport and is the world’s most practiced martial art. It focuses on striking with kicks and excels at footwork. Combining martial arts with sport, Taekwondo’s grace and volatility makes it one of the most popular combat technique in the world.

The Melbourne University Taekwondo Club (MUTKD), a recognized sporting club of the University of Melbourne, offers a safe and enjoyable environment to develop and perfect your techniques of kicking, sparring and self-defence. In the 2008 Unigames, MUTKD became the #1 University Club for TKD in Australia with an overwhelming victory. Being a competition-based club, we offer opportunities for any interested members to take part in various competitions (sparring and poomse) at the state and national levels.

Our training sessions are open to both beginners and those who have experience in Taekwondo (that includes students from Melbourne University, students from other universities and the public) so feel free to drop by and give it a go! Besides cross training and competitions, MUTKD also hosts social events throughout the year.

2017 Committee Members

President: Geremy Cao

Vice President: Jessica Zhuang

Secretary: Nang Shang Kham Pang

Treasurer: Ricardo Garcia Rosas

Marketing Directors: Danielle Man Lin Choong (0432584381), Daniel Wang (0403655051)

Publicity Officer: Benedict Tan (0434300409)

Sponsorship, Events and Fundraising Director: Rajan Dominic Roque Ilagan

Team manager: Silven Peng