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2017 Reflection #3

Reflection #3

Now that we are more than halfway through semester 2, the exciting activities from the beginning of the year may have faded to a fond, distant memory. But let us take a moment to simply reflect on one of the significant annual events – Camp at Sokil for the fifth year in the running!

Committee members have wracked their minds to devise innovating games such as the team spirit-building (or annihilating) balloon stomp, the competitive Easter egg hunt, and not toΒ forget beautiful Bob the Pinata, who unfortunately met a rather bitter end with much love and sweetness. Of course old traditions must still be upheld, where playing old school board games, watching movies, stargazing, partying/drinking/dancing through the night played a major role in the entertainment aspect.

Thanks to Tuan sabomnim, training was up to standard, involving freezing early morning jogs, resistance band kicking and self defence classes.
Away from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne (where some were suffering withdrawal symptoms from the literal lack of connection), friendships were formed and bonds strengthened in this little campsite. With 2018 just ahead, it’s now time to get pumped for yet another dose of outback TKD!

Jessica Zhuang (Vice-president)