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2016 End of Year Events

To celebrate the end of the year, MUTKD held our second MUTKD Taekwon Games and End of Year Lunch and Karaoke Party.

The closing training session for the year was on 25th November where we played a series of games organised by Sabonim Tuan. Three teams, Ric & The Asians, TMNT and Team Ace, were formed and vied for the coveted title of being the 2016 (2nd) MUTKD Taekwon Games champion.

Mitt Hockey made its return from last year as the first event. This is a game where kicking mitts are used as hockey sticks to manoeuvre a ball to score goals. Teams played rounds of five minutes each against one another. The first event ended with Ric & The Asians scoring no points and TMNT and Team Ace scoring one point each.

The second event was Spin, Run & Kick in which all teams had to complete a relay by spinning on the spot with a mitt, running through a ladder and proceeding to perform a set of roundhouse kicks of ten times for each leg in the shortest time. Surprisingly, many people managed to maintain their balance and no one fell! TMNT came in first, with Team Ace closely behind in second and Ric & The Asians third.

The final event was Kick T-Ball. Similar to baseball, two teams were fielding and one team was batting. The batting team had to “bat” with different kicks, starting with a roundhouse kick, followed by a spinning roundhouse kick and a back hook kick. Only TMNT scored enough runs to reach the back hook kick phase of the game with thirteen runs. Ric & The Asians and Team Ace tied with each other of seven runs each.

After calculating the scores from all three events, TMNT emerged as the 2016 (2nd) MUTKD Taekwon Games champions, with Team Ace as the first runner-up and Ric & The Asians as the second runner-up. A mini awards ceremony (as in the literal sense, miniature medals were awarded) was held. A huge thanks to Sabonim Tuan for organising such a creative event to end a fruitful year and to everyone who attended. Videos of the events have been uploaded on the MUTKD Facebook Group for your viewing pleasure.


mutkd-champions-2(This year’s champions: TMNT)

In keeping up with viral internet trends, MUTKD also attempted the Mannequin Challenge where we struck skillful poses such as roundhouse kicks, side kicks and punches. A few of us opted for more playful poses though. Credits to Sabonim Tuan for filming the video for the Mannequin Challenge.






The next day, we had korean-chinese cuisine at Han Guuk Guan for our annual End of Year Lunch. Afterwards, an impromptu awards ceremony was held to recognise the efforts of some of our outstanding members. The awards handed out were for MVP, Best Muscle Memory aka Drunken Poomsae, Best Dressed aka Best Pants Splitter,Pinnacle Achievement, Coach Appreciation , Rookie of the Year, Best Improvement, Colour Trumps Black, Long Legacy and Certified in Leadership and Motherhood. We continued to throw our Karaoke Party filled with soulful renditions of ballads and head bangings to rock songs.


mutkd-1(Our prize winners)


Here’s hoping that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday! Congratulations to those graduating on surviving university and all the best in your future endeavours. Rest well because we’ll be training hard again next year!