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Semester 1 Reflection

So Semester 1 has now ended and hopefully everyone has survived exams and is having a relaxing and possibly productive winter break. It seems like a good time to reflect upon everything that has happened over this semester which has really flown by in a flash.

The first thing the MUTKD team had to do was to promote our stall at O-week which was all the way before semester began. Thank you to everyone who came by our stall and asked about our club. For those who missed out on the O-week before Semester 1, feel free to send any questions and inquiries about the club to the MUTKD e-mail or to the Facebook page (links can be found in the ‘Contact us’ section)


Aside from O-Week, MUTKD were also present at Clubs Day as well as at the Big Play Day where we held a Demo. The MUTKD team demonstrated a variety of Taekwondo applications including self-defence as well as breaking boards. Although it was 30 degrees on the day, the team performed exceptionally.

Next we held our first social event which was a welcome Rock Climbing event. With new and old friends, we put our trust to the test and had a fun session climbing on a Sunday afternoon.


The next Major event we held was camp which was held during the Mid-Semester break. We had a 3 day 4 night camp which was filled with training, team activities and free time to bond over board games, play some soccer, or catch up on some rest. Everyone definitely had a blast at camp and made many unforgettable memories.

In week 5, midway through the semester, an inter-uni Taekwondo training was held at Melbourne Uni, where other uni TKD clubs were invited to join our training. Special thanks to Monash, Swinburne, La Trobe, RMIT and VU for coming to train with us!

In Week 9, the Social/Marketing team organized a Captain America Movie night to go watch Civil War, which was a lot of fun for everyone. In Week 10, we held our first Grading of the year. Congratulations to everyone who Graded and hopefully you will all wear your new belts with pride!


Finally in the final week of semester, some members of MUTKD tagged along to the Monash Open Invite Training which was definitely something different from usual.

That wraps up everything that has happened this semester. Semester 1 was definitely a packed Semester with many social events as well as training events (on top of the usual weekly training and post training dinners).

Semester 2 will most certainly be packed with even more events. In August, there is a joint inter-uni Taekwondo Ball to look forward to and in September there is  AUG (Australian Uni Games) in Perth. There’s also rumours of a Midnight to Dawn lazer tag sometime…among other events. So much to look forward to!

For those who have not yet joined the club, MUTKD offers two free trial lessons for newcomers so feel free to rock up to any of our trainings and talk to our committee if you have any queries! Training continues all throughout the winter break on Wednesday and Friday. Click on FAQs and the Training Information and Membership links on the top of the page to find out more! See you all at training!