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2015 End of Year Events

As the year draws to a close, MUTKD had a few final events including The Inaugural MUTKD Taekwon Games as well as an End of Year Celebration for the club.

The final training of the year was held on the 27th November and to end the year, Sabonim Tuan arranged for something a little bit different from our usual trainings. Thus, we held the first Inaugural MUTKD Taekwon Games. We separated into three teams – Popocatepefl, Rainbow Warriors and Good For Nothing – and competed in various events in order to win the cup (and glory).

Mitt Hockey was the first event, a game where we use the kicking mitts to maneuver a ball and shoot for goals. Each team played two eight minute rounds, one against each of the other teams. Overall, Popocatetpefl scored no points, Rainbow Warriors scored two points and Good For Nothing scored one point.


For our next game, we played Balloon Relay, where we use our heads and legs in order to move a balloon back and forth (which is much harder than it sounds). In the final, Popocatepefl won with Good For Nothing in second and Rainbow Warriors in last place.


The next round was the Spin, Run and Kick Relay, which is played exactly as the name suggests – to spin around 5 times before running through a ladder and performing 20 round-house kicks (10 on each side). There was a lot of crooked walking and falling to be witnessed on all sides. This round was won by Popocatepefl, followed by Rainbow Warriors and finally Good For Nothing in last place.12278645_956090727805287_2920745413674662115_n12289770_956090584471968_6845960193827067007_n

Finally, we ended this year’s game with a round of Kick Tee-Ball, with two teams fielding and one batting. Popocatepefl once again dominated with 5 runs with Good for Nothing scoring 4 (with 2 home runs) and Rainbow Warriors also scoring 4 runs.


With all the results tallied, this year’s winners were Popocatepefl with Rainbow Warriors in second and Good For Nothing in third place. A mini awards ceremony was held afterwards. Thank you to Sabonim Tuan for organizing this super fun event to end the year. As always, he uploaded videos of the competitions onto the MUTKD Facebook Group, so feel free to check them out if you have not already.


The following week, the members of the MUTKD Committee organized an End of Year Celebration with some KBBQ and Karaoke. With good food, crazy singing and even better company, there was no better way to end the year.


Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday! For those who are graduating, congratulations and best wishes for the future! To everyone else, congratulations also for reaching the end of the year and see you back at training next year!