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MUTKD’s First Social Event


Credits to Tuan (coach) for the photos

For the second part of the semester, marketing directors Christine and Jeremy have decided to organize a midnight to dawn laser tag event (Saturday, 15 August 2015). Yes, you read that right. MIDNIGHT TO DAWN! We had about 10 sessions of games (sometimes we form groups and sometimes we fight solo) with 10-15 minute breaks in between. We also got free access to the arcade (bonus!) and needless to say, we spent our breaks there for the rest of the day…

We had a blast and I am surprised that most of us managed to last until 7AM!  We managed to catch up with old members, exercise (you have no idea how bad our quads hurt the next day) from midnight to dawn (so hardcore), had excessive amounts of junk food (it’s all about balancing guys) and Maccas for breakfast on the very next day (what’s not to love?).

Sounds like a perfect outing, don’t you think? 🙂