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11222613_10153178949883757_342167032340639537_o 11782437_10153183345063757_4061341312218489611_oYesterday, we learned and practiced foot fencing techniques for sparring. Although the training was tiring, we were glad to learn something new. As Australian Uni Games approaches, subonim (coach) will tailor the training sessions to include more footwork and sparring techniques to prepare potential fighters for the competition. What’s great with MUTKD club is that we do not separate beginners from the more experienced members when training. This will not only enable beginners to pick up on the more difficult techniques earlier but they will also be stronger fighters in the future. This week, subonim gave out the grading certificates to MUTKD members who graded last semester. Those with yellow belts were beginners at the start of the year and in one semester they have moved up one (or two) level(s)! So proud of them 🙂 Now MUTKD club has more students with yellow and blue belts (+one black belt)! As mentioned, MUTKD club is for everyone so do not feel intimated. Drop by during one of our training sessions and give it a go! Never try never know, right?

Congratulations once again guys! Keep training hard and make us proud!