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Back to University

Hello hello! Are you excited for semester 2? Hopefully you had a great winter break. As some of you might already know, MUTKD club was at the Clubs Day event last Tuesday to promote their club to new students. Clubs Day was filled with fun (and strong winds too) but the committee members were happy that there was quite a number of people who showed interest in practicing Taekwondo! There were a couple of new students who dropped by last Wednesday to train with us. I have to say, as beginners, they did a really good job! One of the new students noticed that there were only 10-15 students at training last Wednesday and asked if this is all the members in the MUTKD club. During the break, it is common that we will only have 10-15 students at training. This is because most of them went on a vacation/went back home/had shifts that clash with training times etc. But when university starts, everything will be back to normal (training will be more intense and you will meet a lot of old members!).

Have a great first week and we hope to see you at training!