Do I need to pre-register or can I just turn up on the day?

You do not have to pre-register. Just turn up and give it a go! If you find that you would like to commit to MUTKD club, you can ask any of the committee members for a membership form and sign up then.

Are your WTF classes specifically for people who want to compete or whether it’s also available to people who are just interested in attending for self-defense and fitness?

Although MUTKD club promotes itself as a competitive club, it is not compulsory that you compete (but it is encouraged that you do so).

Do I need to purchase the Taekwondo uniform from the club before I join?

No. You can buy the uniform after your first training session. Just talk to any committee members about it. You may be able to get the uniform on that day itself (depends whether we have your size in our store or not. If not, we’ll place an order for you and the uniform should arrive in two weeks.

How much does the uniform costs?

$50 including the belt.

Training is twice per week but do I have to come to both sessions? What happens if I can only come once a week?

No, it is not compulsory that you attend both sessions. If our training sessions clash with your university classes, just come when you can (either only Wednesdays or Fridays)!
I’m interested in trying out your club. What should I do?

Just turn up to one of our training sessions. You’ll get two free trial lessons to get a feel of the club. Wear something comfortable and remember to keep your nails trimmed and take piercings/jewellery off when training.

I’d like to join your club. How do I sign up?

Click on ‘Sign Up’ at the top of the page and select the suitable membership package and fill in your details. Alternatively, you can ask any of the committee members in person for a membership form. Payment can be made online through the ‘Sign Up’ process or in person with cash. Remember to join our Facebook group to keep up with up with all things related to the club.

What is the difference between Melbourne University Taekwondo Club (MUTKD) and Rhee Taekwondo Club?

Both of these are independent clubs of Melbourne University Sport. Our club, MUTKD is affiliated with World Taekwondo (formerly World Taekwondo Federation or WTF) while Rhee Taekwondo Club is affiliated with Rhee International Taekwondo Australia. Our club has a greater emphasis on Taekwondo as a sport whereas Rhee has a greater focus on self-defense

What is involved in training sessions?

Training generally consists of general fitness training, stretching, kicking drills, sparring practice and poomsae/patterns. The specific training focus will change over the course of the year.

How do I obtain a higher belt level?

Grading sessions are held towards the end of semester 1 and 2 which will allow you to advance to the next level. Check the grading forms to see what is involved in grading.

Is the club involved in competitions?

We definitely are! Here are some of the competitions we attend:

  • VIUC
  • AUG

Do you hold social events?

Yes! We hold several events throughout the year including camp, our own taekwondo ball, BBQs, movie nights and more. Additionally we have group dinners after every Friday training session. Event information is posted on our Facebook group page.